Latarsha Rose

Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your undivided attention! I would like to present to you a new beautiful, talented, upcoming hard working actress, Ms. Latarsha Rose. Ms. Rose is on her way to becoming the next hardest working actress in Hollywood.

Latarsha was born in Brooklyn, NY and was raised in Long Island with her brother and sister. As a child she was more of a tomboy, running and playing in the woods where she lived. She loves acting because you can bring the character you play to life.

Now I’m not sure if you remember seeing this young lady on television in the reality show, The It Factor.  In this show cameras followed around twelve New York actors as they try to make it in the entertainment business. This reality show aired in 2002, take a peek and see the talented Latarsha working on being a success. Being in New York, she had a guest role on Law & Order. She enjoyed working alongside Jerry Orbach and Jesse Martin. Along with Law & Order she also has guest starred in shows such as: All My Children, CSI: Miami, Bones, Swingtown and Windfall.

This March, Latarsha will be starring in a new movie called The Hunger Games.  This movie is based on a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins and is based on the first book, so there may be more to come. This role will be Latarsha’s introduction into film with her role in the film as Peeta Mellark’s stylist, Portia.

While acting Latarsha has enjoyed working with Woody Harrelson, Lenny, Gary Ross and working with the cast of The Hunger Games. This talented lady has been on the stage in plays on off-Broadway and has done some commercials. She lives in LA working her craft, but her heart is bicoastal.

She was an English Major in college. In her spare time she does dabble in writing and along with acting she hopes to one day produce. This young woman is out to make herself multi-versatile by learning to speak as many languages as she can. She is fluent in English and Spanish and loves working with her hands doing arts and crafts.  She believes that education is very important. She has the support of her family in this endeavor, who at first were a little skeptical with the way show biz can bite you in the rear and leave a big scar.

What is ahead for Latarsha Rose?  Along with the new movie The Hunger Games being released in March; the sky is the limit!  Latarsha said to me in our interview, “I just want to work.”  Well, you work it girl!


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