“GRIMEY”, from Billboard chart-topping singer-songwriter, PORCELAN.

“GRIMEY”, from Billboard chart-topping singer-songwriter, PORCELAN. “GRIMEY” is lifted from PORCELAN’s upcoming debut album, “MOOD RING” to be released on September 25th, 2020, via the Made In Memphis Entertainment/Beat Root label imprint.  “GRIMEY” is available on all streaming and download platforms now. The single was written by Porcelan, Denarious Holmes and Brandon Christian and produced by Topski. “I really wanted to speak about some of the ugly moments of being in a relationship and when you give that special person chance after chance to make things right and they simply continue to turn around and disappoint you,” mentions Porcelan. “But then there is that one day that you say enough is enough and you call them out on their “grimey-ness” and see that they were never good for you, so they have to go,” she adds.

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