From kidnapping and barrier curriculum to virtually being a royalty through the ceremony, there are plenty of incredible event traditions to be found at Russian weddings.

From kidnapping and barrier curriculum to virtually being a royalty through the ceremony, there are plenty of incredible event traditions to be found at Russian weddings.

Check these 15 amazing and distinctive Russian event traditions:

The ransom

Whilst in some region, a rather real (and sometimes expensive) dowry has to be paid before a marriage. In Russia, the bride’s ransom money is far more of a great traditions.

The bride’s mothers “steal” the girl aside and keep hidden her prior to the ceremony until the lady lover completes a series of challenges establish by maid of honor that can showcase the potency of his appreciation and, in the end, embarrass him.

If a task can not be done, a payment of either real cash, chocolate, or blooms should be designed to the maid of honor as settlement.

Various other variations on the ransom pursuit add dressing a male relative associated with bride in event clothing and declining to hand during the actual one until a repayment has been created, or presenting the fiance with a napkin covered during the lip stick prints regarding the bridal party. When the fiance cannot recognize the bride’s print correctly, he or she is furthermore up for a payment.

The service…

Russian wedding parties can take a lot of forms, but a wedding is lawfully accepted after you’ve generated a trip to the registration workplace, the Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya.

People can choose to own a tiny municipal relationship enrollment affair, where the couple actually signal reports in a workplace and head off to party, or they are able to go with this with a municipal service, which lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, or get the entire hog and also have the longer conventional service at the same time.

Some couples elect to sneak in this formality before her special day to go away additional time for any enjoyable items.


The betrothal may be the earliest part of a traditional Russian Orthodox service. This is how the couple stall during the entry into church and is endowed of the priest.

They see lit candle lights, that they next keep throughout the ceremony, including a prayer and scripture indication.


Because a marriage is regarded as among seven sacraments for Russian Orthodox followers, there is extra advantages in putting crowns on the minds in the partners than there is in exchanging marriage rings.

The crowning may be the 2nd a portion of the conventional service and it is where in actuality the partners stand-on a piece of rose-coloured towel together with priest places the crowns onto their heads. These may sometimes be presented in place by relatives or company.

The couple stocks a cup of wines and proceed with the priest 3 x across the lectern to symbolise her quest into marriage.

Traditionally, the crowns is worn for eight time following ceremony, but they are today removed following priest declares the union and says the benediction.

Smashing good-time

After the partners try revealed as newlyweds, their own moms and dads provide them an amazingly windows each. They then muster all of their energy to shatter all of them into as many shards as it can, as each piece signifies a-year of happy wedding.

Additionally it is old-fashioned when it comes to bride to produce a balloon together with her maiden name authored upon it, as she begins her new life along with her new name.


It actually was once a legal dependence on Russian wedding parties to include two witnesses within recognized enrollment of this relationships. Although this is no further essential, people will nonetheless pick two witnesses with their big day, that will can put on a particular sash to understand their unique position.

These witnesses in many cases are that which we would call the housemaid of honour together with greatest man.

The huge journey

When the certified subscription was completed, the newlyweds set off on a well-worn way to check out sites receive pictures and perform traditional issues at every web site.

Russian newlyweds could would these activities alone but usually take a trip around with limited selection of friends and family.

Lovers just who marry in St Petersburg can do many of here situations:

  • Check out Senate Square to get photographs together with the endless fire of this heroes of The Second World War, the Bronze Horseman sculpture and also the memorial to Peter the Great.
  • Explore Peter Vassilevsky area to pet the 4000-year-old Egyptian sculptures and stone griffons once and for all luck.
  • Position for photo with their fingers in the Rostrum line to symbolise their brand new connect of marriage.
  • Whether they haven’t but smashed their own amazingly spectacles, they’re able to head to the Peter and Paul Cathedral and do this contrary to the real field near the fountains.
  • Go directly to the brand-new Hermitage Portico and rub the toes in the marble Atlanti sculptures permanently chance.
  • See all other religiously important tissues for photo.

Road train

The trail excursion posse will be needing transportation to get them to many of these landmarks, therefore the few will request limos or a series of trucks decked out in gold rings and flowers to simply take folks around in.

The next game

Since road trip segment of this special day can be so time consuming, more Russian weddings finally two days.

As time two rolls around, the couple has stopped being within conventional wedding clothing but nonetheless gown logically. This is when the reception commences.

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