1 Angry Black Man: Film releases on VOD June 5th


Independent drama 1 Angry Black Man hits Video on Demand June 5th. A film of this genre and subject matter is unfortunately all too relevant today. Two recent tragedies involved the murder of George Floyd by a group of police officers and the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery while he was jogging. These incidents keep occurring in the real world and the film tackles the journey of black men in this country through the perspectives of an eclectic college class and a young man who was wrongfully arrested.


1 Angry Black Man on tells the story of Mike Anderson, a senior at a New England liberal arts college. After an erroneous arrest for a crime he did not commit, Mike’s story transitions to a day on his college campus, where as he heads to his African-American literature class, he continues to grapple with his unconscionable arrest. Mike’s emotions threaten to boil over during a class discussion that scrutinizes several prolific authors and activists, from James Baldwin to Zora Neale Hurston. The film becomes an existential conversation among college intellectuals about gender dynamics, racism, and class, as well as an empirical study of the works of four iconic Black writers. It reveals boundary-pushing conversations college students are having today.  The filmfeatures Miguel A. Núñez, Jr. (“Life”), Amanda Jane Stern (“Amish Witches: The True Story of Holmes County”), Tim Moriarty (“Manifest”), Ramon Nuñez (“New Amsterdam,” “Bull”), Daphne Danielle (upcoming “God The Worm”) and introduces Keith Stone as Mike

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