The Thirst Cannot Be Quenched

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A new and exciting play premiered on May 1, 2010 in Chicago, IL at the Harambee House, which is a local dinner theatre.  This new play chronicles the life of a Christian vampire.

The play takes place in the 1800’s in the Deep South on a big plantation.  Dante, the main character, is the son of Bronco, who is the leader of the slaves, that work on the plantation.  Dante is friends with Johnny who is the son of the Master.  Johnny has taught Dante how to read and write. Dante’s father doesn’t like the fact that his son is friends with the Master’s son.  He forbids Dante to continue his friendship with Johnny; getting angry Dante storms away not listening to his father.

As the play continues, we find that Dante’s mother passed away years ago.  Dante is living with his father and sister Janelle on the plantation.  Someone on the plantation kills Bronco one day.  Hearing of his father’s death Dante decides to run away.  Running through the woods Dante comes across a stranger.  This man is mysterious and threatening at the same time.  He tells Dante that he is Kane and he has been alive for many years.  Dante tells him of his troubles and that he is running away.  Kane bites Dante and turns him into a vampire.

As the play continues, years have passed and we find that Dante has moved to Chicago.  In Chicago he has moved in with his longtime friend, Johnny, the Master’s son.  Dante has adapted to his new way of life and moves through the night like a smooth panther.  He has gained more power and has many followers. Women are at his beck and call.  Dante finally finds out who killed his father and during this time he does the unthinkable.

In reviewing this play and talking to audience members they were very intrigued with this play.  The music was very entertaining and kept the play moving.  I will not give away the exciting ending to this play. The novel for this play, ‘The Thirst Can Not Be Quenched,’ will be out in early June.  So, if you’re fascinated about the play’s description and want to see the ending you can pick up the book.


The play was written and produced by: Tearched H. Scott III.

You can pick up the book online at:
If you live in Chicago or are visiting you can pick up the book at:
Great Scott Records
2051 East 95th Street
Chicago, Il 60617

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